21 November 2017
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What’s the Best Pizza in DC?

This is fairly easily, because there is not (repeat there is not) very good pizza in DC. Not to get too scientific on you, but from what I’ve read the reason for that is because of the water. I have no idea why. But for whatever reason the water in NYC is better equipped for pizza-making than the water in DC. That’s why the crust in NYC is crunchy, and the crust in DC is soggy. If anyone out there knows how to fix that, please let me know.

  1. Pete’s Apizza – Pete’s is by far the best. No arguments, please. And please don’t try to argue that 2 Amys is better. You know why? Because the crust is crunchy. There’s literally nowhere else (except for We, The Pizza) that I’ve had a pizza that wasn’t soggy. I despise soggy pizza. Hate it. Pete’s is New Haven style, which makes it a tad bit thicker than NYC but not thick like Chicago. Perfect amount of cheese and sauce. Kind of expensive, but still worth it.
  2. We, The Pizza – This is former Top Chef contestant Spike’s new pizza joint. I’ve only had the pizza once. Well, twice, actually. But both in the same day. It’s really good. I almost have this being a tie with Pete’s, but I haven’t had it enough to make that determination. I might have to do a blind taste test for this one. Either way, once was enough to make the determination that it’s better than 99% of the other pizza places in the city.
  3. Matchbox – Matchbox is more California-style than your traditional pizzas. It’s not bad, but not great. It actually used to better a few years back. It seems to be getting worse. Anyhow, if you get enough toppings on it, you can make a pretty interesting pie. My favorite is the fire and smoke: fire roasted red peppers. spanish onion, chipotle pepper, garlic, smoked gouda, fresh basil. The place has a very cool vibe, too. Much better than Pete’s or Spike’s. It feels more like a pub than a Pizza-Hut.
  4. Pizza Paradiso – This is a tough one for me, because I don’t really like the pizza at Paradiso. It’s really no different than the pizza at 2 Amys, but I like the space. They serve wine in an actual glass (a la old country Italian) as opposed to a wine glass. And if you post up at the bar, you can watch the chefs put the pizzas in and out of the brick oven, which is kind of cool. The pizza isn’t great, but once I had a date and she turned me on to her own special order, The Atomica-Tomato: black olives, hot pepper flakes, mozzarella and “the secret” …  substitute prosciutto for salami and order crispy. That was the first time my pizza has ever come out of the oven crispy at Paradiso. The prosciutto add is a good call, too. Strong order.
  5. Pizza Mart – People will probably disagree with me on this one, but it had to be done. Here’s the thing – in NYC, Pizza Mart wouldn’t last a week. Late-night pizza shops available to satisfy a drunken craving are on every corner in NYC, and they are all good. In DC, we don’t have that luxury. There have been times where I would cab to Adams Morgan at the end of the night for no other reason than to crush a 3,000-calorie slice of pizza. No, it’s not great. But when your stumbling out of the bar at 3 AM, it’s perfect.
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