18 November 2017
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Sunday Funday: Brunch at Masa 14

Last weekend, I think I may have finally ended the search for an affordable brunch spot with somewhat of a scene in DC. After spending many Sundays searching for the best-bang-for-my-buck-brunch, I’m going to give the heavyweight belt to Masa 14 for now.

I don’t have too much to nitpick here. Considering this is an all-you-can-eat brunch, I think it has set the bar on 14th Street.

The norm for an all-inclusive brunch usually points to a cafeteria-style buffet or the normal fare of scrambled eggs, omelets, French toast, etc. Masa 14 puts a bit of a spin on these standard staples by offering a large selection of small plates from which to choose. The best part? Order as many of each plate as you want for the duration of your stay.

This also includes unlimited blood-orange mimosas and Bloody Marys. There’s a lemon lager on the menu, which we tried (props for putting a beer on the list, as this is usually neglected at most all-inclusive brunch spots). But I wasn’t a fan. Nor was Neil (our resident beer aficionado). It tasted like an ultra-sweet Blue Moon. Not bad but too sweet for binge drinking on Sundays.

The menu is decent. Everything from Spanish-style omelets, breakfast pizzas and brisket hash to hamburgers, pho-burgers, spicy tuna salads and bacon fried rice. Three of D*MNGOODTIME’s favorite staples also made the cut – the Serrano flatbread, Asian chicken salad and the black cod. And, for side dishes, don’t forget the Yucca fries as well as the cauliflower. Sadly, the amazing chicken wings didn’t make the cut. Yes, I would eat chicken wings for breakfast given the opportunity.

Long story short, we ate and drank a lot for $35. To compare, POV’s brunch at the W offers unlimited cocktails but only one entree and a tiny buffet for almost twice the cost. You do get the great rooftop view at POV as opposed to the dark-lit dining room of Masa 14, but that’s still not enough of a perk for me to cross over.

I enjoyed everything. My only mistake was ordering the bacon rye Bloody Mary. If there’s one thing I’ll trade a piece of celery for any day of the week, it’s bacon. However, I read the menu wrong. There was no substituting vegetable for pig in this fantastic breakfast drink. I was unaware that bacon rye (grain infused with bacon fat) was used instead of conventional vodka. If only our drink guru, Brian Jefferson, was there to inform me of this nonsense.

But $35 includes everything, so why not experiment? If only it included a few lovely ladies to join us at the community table to cure our chronic loneliness, it might have been the best brunch ever.

Needless to say, grab a group and check it out. The only thing better than Sunday brunch is a 3-hour brunch marathon with a group of friends. It’s Spring. Sunday Funday is in effect. Take a look at the menu and get after it.

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