16 December 2017
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PS 7’s: Smokin’ Up

Photo Courtesy of AOL Travel

Summer is almost here, so we decided to take a trip to PS 7’s and sample the award-winning half-smoke to get into the spirit. For those who don’t know, the half-smoke is native to DC – a local delicacy made up of half pork and half beef, and then smoked. It was made famous by Ben’s Chili Bowl and is served by hot-dog carts found scattered around the city.

Although I’m not a huge fan of the half-smoke, I do support it, because it’s ours. No, it’s not a Philly cheesesteak or a New York City slice, but it’s what we got. Nonetheless, the half-smoke at PS7’s is pretty fantastic.

It’s also more food than a normal human being should eat, and you don’t hear me say that much. Dan and I ordered it, in addition to the restaurant’s take on the “Primanti Brothers” sandwich (which I think I may have liked better). Meanwhile, this half-smoke is served in orders of 2, and it dwarfs anything you would get from a hot-dog vendor. It comes piled high with veal chili, aged cheddar cheese, chives and dijon mustard. Between that and the sandwich (Soppressata, pepper slaw, fried egg and provolone, topped with French fries), we were ready to do a number on our stomachs.

While the half-smoke is good, we both agreed that it probably would have tasted better sans chili. The dog has a lot of flavor, and the chili seems a little excessive. It probably didn’t help that I was trying to put down a salami sandwich with two eggs and fries on top, too.

Meanwhile, Neil went the smarter route (we had a long night ahead of us) and ordered the tuna-tartare sliders, for which he gave high marks. In contrast, they are probably 1/10th the size of our meal. Neil also enjoyed Sarah’s salad, which is field greens with almonds, berries, mascarpone and sherry-soy vinaigrette. A light, summery dish.

Best of all, the dog and sliders are $12, and the sandwich is $9. PS 7’s has a number of other sandwiches and flatbreads on the menu, ranging from $10-12. In our never-ending quest to find the perfect spot to watch a game, drink beers and put some strain on our hearts, this is definitely a good find. It’s bar food done right. Upscale, more refined and at a price point that doesn’t make you feel like you are getting robbed (I’m talking to you, ChurchKey).

Overall, a good start to the night. A bit much for the first meal? Yeah, probably. But that’s what we do. Then we were off to the Source for the second course …

Neighborhood: Chinatown
Address: 777 I St., NW (Bet. 7th and 8th Sts.) Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-742-8550
Web site: www.ps7restaurant.com
Parking: Street and Valet
Metro: Gallery Place/Chinatown and Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center
Serves: Lunch (Daily); Dinner (Daily)
Specials: Monday-Friday (4-7 PM): $4 select wines by the glass; $3 select beers; half-priced flatbreads
Go for: Flatbread topped with buffalo chicken and blue cheese; miniature hot dogs; tuna-tartare-filled sliders; Primanti Brothers sandwich; beignets
Price: *****
Rating: *****

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