21 November 2017
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Tattoo Bar: In Love with the Bartenders

  • Always pouring great cocktails.
  • The bartenders at Tattoo on K Street.

There are a number of reasons why Tattoo is one of the best bars in the city. The bartenders are definitely one of them. But I’ll get back to that.

I have a problem with the asinine amount of clubs in this city. I have a problem with listening to the same mega-mix music at these clubs, no matter where I go. I have a problem with not being able to wear a hat when I want to go to a bar. I have a problem with going to places with girls who are decked out head-to-toe and won’t talk to me unless I’m poppin’ bottles in the ice, like a blizzard.

Yes, I know Tattoo has bottle service. But you don’t need it to have a good time there. Actually, I have a better time when I don’t get it there. I’m sure Tattoo management won’t be happy to hear that, but it’s actually a compliment and of the reasons this place will still be standing when a lot of its competitors go out of business, get bought, rename themselves, reopen and then go out of business again.

That’s where Tattoo succeeds, because Tattoo is really just an upscale dive bar. These days I don’t have the energy to hit up a packed college bar, but I don’t always want to do the foo-foo DC lounge scene, either. Sometimes, I still want to post up at the bar, pound some shots and bust out my broke-ass, 32-year-old dance moves when the 80/90s rock dance-mixes come on.

Tattoo got the vibe right, too. I don’t know why it became a requirement in DC that every bar or club look like somewhere TRON would hang out or Ikea threw up all over it, but thankfully Tattoo went in a different direction.People might think the motorcycle decor is cheesy, but I actually think it’s pretty original. It actually feels more like a Vegas bar to me than the standard DC club. And the girls there are a tad more laid back than most places.

But back to my first point. Tattoo has, hands down, the best bartenders in the city. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also just flat out cool – all the way down to the rock-and-roll outfits. Considering by midnight they are fending off a gigantic crowd of Danny Bona-douches pushing to get up at the bar, they always seem to be able to get you a (very strong) drink in a timely manner. If you frequent enough, they’ll hook you up with some shots. I actually bummed a smoke off a bartender at Tattoo once. Now that’s service.

I think Tattoo is, by far, the best of Michael Romeo’s spots. It’s managed well, has friendly staff, is not pretentious and is always a good time.

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 1413 K St., NW (Bet. Vermont Ave. and 14th St.) Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-408-9444
Web site: www.tattoobardc.com
Parking: Street
Metro: McPherson Square
Serves: N/A
Specials: N/A
Go for: Late-night socializing and dancing; great music
Price: *****
Rating: *****
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Tattoo Bar: In Love with the Bartenders, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings


  1. pete says:

    what are you doing wearing a hat indoors anyway?