21 November 2017
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If it Doesn’t Have Celery, it ain’t a Bloody Mary

It’s just the flat out truth. There is absolutely no excuse for serving a Bloody Mary without celery. It’s like serving wings with Jicama sticks instead of celery (Yeah, I’m talking smack about you, Redline). I like bacon in my Bloody Marys. I don’t mind a lobster claw in there, too. But please just put a piece of celery in there. And above all, make your own mix. Don’t serve me some nonsense I can buy at Safeway and make myself. But I digress. Enough of that. The nominees are …

  1. Busboys and Poets – On Saturdays and Sundays, Bloody’s are $5 all day long. You can’t beat that. They are pretty good, too. They are thick, not watered-down like some other places I’ve been. Served with celery of course, olives, lemon/limes and the kicker is the Old Bay they put around the rim. That’s the clincher for me. Love the ol’ bay. Even better, the upgrade to Kettle only costs an extra dollar. I don’t drink vodka out of bottles that bounce when you drop them on the ground.
  2. Logan Tavern – Unless someone knows something I don’t, this is the closest you’re going to find to the Starboard (Dewey Beach) in terms of customization. The Bloody menu is huge, and the ingredients are endless. I put vinegar in mine once (terrible idea), Parmesan cheese another time (great idea) and tried out some shrimp another (fantastic idea). They’ll make it any way you want.
  3. Marvin – Marvin just has a really good mix. It’s very simple, and they serve it in a small glass. Also, very cheap. The coffee there is great, as is the brunch menu. I think it might be the whole experience at Marvin that does it for me, as opposed to the Bloody Mary. Something about a Bloody Mary, coffee from a French press, and chicken and waffles that make me giddy.
  4. POV at the W – The brunch at the W roof top is pretty good. The Bloody Marys are endless (not that I can really drink more than 3 or 4 anyway), but I just like having the challenge presented to me. They also throw a lobster claw in there, too. I don’t really need that, but it makes for a cool-looking drink.
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